Arma 3 Third Campaign Episode Dated, Screens Available

It concludes the story of infantryman Ben Kerry - a soldier who's been stationed in the Republic of Altis & Stratis as part of a NATO-peacekeeping mission
Releasing these five fresh screenshots, Bohemia Interactive today announced that Win, the third DLC (downloadable content) for Arma 3, will be available on March 20th. The episode includes three brand new vehicles: the A-164 Wipeout single-seat aircraft. the To-199 Neophron, and a 6x6 mine resistant standard transport truck, named Tempest. Its primary role is to carry troops and cargo, and its modular design allows for several transport variants of the Tempest truck: cargo, refuel, medical, repair and ammo re-supply.
This third episode also delivers a separate 'Fixed-Wing' Showcase mission, which introduces players to the new aircraft via a thrilling new scenario. And new points of interests have been added, with the highlights being an athletics stadium and ghost hotel compound.

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