Space Hulk Expansion Released, Trailer/Screens Available

Featuring three new missions, 11 new unique Space Wolves terminators and more
Releasing a new video and five more screenshots, Full Control today announced that Space Wolves, an expansion for Space Hulk, the 3D digital turn based strategy game based on best-selling board game set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, is now available for PC, Mac and on the App Store for iPad.
The Space Wolves Expansion offers the 'Fangs of Fenris' campaign, which features three new missions set in a cool and chilly environment. There are 11 new unique Space Wolves terminators, which users can play in all other missions, new weapons with new rules such as the Frost Axe and Wolf Claw. The campaign also contains a Runepriest with the new skills Murderous Lighting and Hurricane.
Furthermore, new chapter specific rules are introduced adding a new level to the gameplay.