Out of Hell 11 March 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Capcom and Twitch are collaborating to deliver the Capcom Pro Tour, the first ever Street Fighter-focused fighting game league. Comprised of a combination of premier events, ranking tournaments, and online tournaments, the Capcom Pro Tour will culminate with the grand finals at the Capcom Cup this December.

2. 999: The Novel (also known as Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors The Novel) for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will be released on March 17, 2014, Aksys Games announced.

3. Democracy 3, the political strategy game developed by Positech Game for PC/Mac/Linux has been nominated for a BAFTA.

4. Developed by Kronbits for OUYA and Win/Mac/Linux, in The Running Dead you must run to survive from zombies. You can shoot and jump (or double jump) to avoid the various type of zombies including birds, wolfs and carnivorous plants. Visit this page for details.

5. During this year's GDC conference, which takes from March 19-21 San Francisco, Crytek will give visitors a look at the evolution of its game-changing CRYENGINE software (which has now full native Linux support), as well as inviting them to go hands-on with free-to-play shooter Warface and brand new mobile title, The Collectables.

6. Trion Worlds has announced Glyph, a new lightweight digital hub for PC games and their digital goods. Glyph will introduce the more than 10 million players that have signed on with Trion Worlds to a curated collection of games, including Trion titles as well as games from hand-picked partners.