Burden Video and Screens Released

Tactical tower defense on a gigantic moving battlefield
Surprise Attack Games has released a new video and eleven screenshots unveiling Burden, a tower defense game set on a colossal mechanical beast as it journeys across a land torn apart. Burden is a game of tactical tower defense on multiple simultaneous battlefronts. The player must place shields and artillery towers on the exterior of their colossus whilst also juggling defences on multiple nodes - critical locations on the beast which enemies will attempt to board and penetrate.
The game is broken into chapters, each of which is a journey on a different colossus. Within each chapter the player will face major foes blocking their progress across the land and many waves of enemies boarding the beast. Success depends on smart strategy and quick management of the battle as it unfolds on multiple fronts.
Developed by PixelPickle Games, Burden will launch on Early Access in the next two months.