Little Big Adventure Goes Mobile, Video Released

A legendary adventure RPG game by Frederick Raynal, which achieved cult status soon after its original release in 1994
Launching a new video, DotEmu announced that Little Big Adventure (also known as Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure) will be available on March 27th for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In Little Big Adventure, you play as Twinsen, a young soon-to-be-hero living on Citadel Island in a world ruled by the dictator Dr. FunFrock. You've been having strange dreams in which your planet is about to be destroyed. These dreams don't make Dr. FunFrock particularly happy, and he locks you away in an insane asylum. As Twinsen, you'll need to escape from your cell and discover your destiny as a descendant of a long line of magicians in charge of protecting your planet's secret.