Dragons and Titans Released, Screens Available

A fast paced MOBA with classic RPG elements
Releasing these screenshots, independent game publisher Versus Evil and indie developer Wyrmbyte announced that Dragons and Titans, a free-to-play (F2P) Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), is now available via Steam, on PC and Mac. In Dragons and Titans, players take on the role of a Dragon Lord who has been called into battle to release their deity (a Titan) from captivity so they can rule for the next 100 years. Players can select from over 30 different dragons, each with unique abilities and progression levels, as well as a range of weapons which can be upgraded in the Forge from elements scavenged during battle.
The battles in Dragons and Titans range from 10-15 minutes, giving gamers access to more matches during any given session with a variety of gaming options including 5V5 PvP, co-op or single player Adventure Mode. Map types available at launch will be familiar to the the MOBA gamer including traditional MOBA, Capture & Hold and ARAM (All Random All Middle).