Endless Legend The Wild Walkers Video and Screens

Meet The Wild Walkers, the second faction
Iceberg Interactive has released a new video and five screenshots for Endless Legend, this time presenting The Wild Walkers, a faction that has the ability to transfer their spirits to the animals of their world. This act, called "The Sharing", enables elves to experience the wild, untamed energy of their totem animal. Elves who have shared often risk having the spirit of the beast burst out like a violent flame and take control during moments of stress. In spite of the potential flame, some elves sought increasingly savage beasts in order to experience Sharings of even greater intensity. With individual elves embracing the savagery of the animals and vanishing forever into the woods, the nation had to choose between the wild spirits of nature and the civilization of their towers.
Endless Legend is set for a Steam Early Access release early Q2, 2014.