Run An Empire Kickstarter Campaign Underway

The first iteration of the game will be developed for the iPhone, with an Android version as a stretch goal
PAN Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Run An Empire, a smartphone game where players compete against each other to capture territory in their local environment by running or walking around it. Using local neighbourhoods as an arena for play, the game will use a player's smartphone's GPS to record the path he or she takes, and record it in the map of the game, which is visible to all players.
To capture a territory a player simply has to run around it, and for a competing player to capture it back from them they need to run around it faster and/or more often. And while running is encouraged, players by no means have to be gifted athletes, as a slower but more determined walker can beat a faster, but more opportunistic runner. Control over territory will also decay over time, so it will remain a challenge to keep hold of a formidable kingdom even if nobody else is playing for miles around. The key is dedication.