Archlord II Coming to North/South Americas and Europe, Screens Unveiled

Powered by Gamebryo Engine, Archlord II features unique battlegrounds designed for massive battles, holding up to 400 players
Released last year in Korea, ArchLord 2, a medieval fantasy-based MMORPG developed for PC, will launch in Europe and North/South Americas later this year, Webzen announced. One of the most appealing features of ArchLord 2 is the RvR (Realm vs. Realm) Battles, which span across more than 40 massive battlefields. The Humans of Aimhigh, the Realm of Light, and the Orcs of Demolition, the Realm of Darkness, battle for the ultimate prize - to become the Archlord, the game world's supreme ruler. Each race has its own unique specialties. New content and additional races will be released in future expansions.
Three pics found their way in our gallery.