Forced Announced for Xbox One, Screens Unveiled

Launched in October 2013, Forced sold 150,000 copies so far
At this year's Game Developers Conference, Danish Indie developer BetaDwarf announced that Forced, previously released for Windows, Mac and Linux, will also be available on Xbox One through ID@Xbox, the self-publishing program for independent developers on Xbox One. Forced is a co-operative 1-4 player action RPG, taking place in a mysterious fantasy universe, where players are trapped as gladiators, forced to fight for their lives. Their only help is their Spirit Guide, Balfus, who's the only one, who can interact with the many magical shrines, scattered about in the arenas.
Combat in Forced is quick and reaction-based, utilizing a mark system, to allow players to use tactics where they are marking and finishing enemies between them. Players can choose between four different classes, each with its own set of skills and perks. And progress is carried over between classes, letting players experiment without risk.
Two visuals found their way in our gallery.