Payday 2 Election Day DLC Released, Screens Available

Skill changes have been made to improve stealth gameplay, such as the introduction of the Camera Loop skill in the Ghost tree
Election Day, the third free heist update for Payday 2, sees heisters taking a new contract from the corrupt politician The Elephant. This update introduces a free pistol called the "|Chimano Custom" pistol, skill changes, a big stealth update and new assets such as The Spotter, which helps to spot guards, and the Body Bags that lets you share body bags.
In related news, there is a franchise sale happening - Payday 2 is free-to-play from March 20 through March 24. Also, at that time, Payday 2 and all its DLC packs can be purchased at 66% off and Payday: The Heist can be purchased at 80%.
Update: five screenshots presenting the new content have been inserted in our gallery.