Arma 3 Third Campaign Episode Released, Trailer Available

It concludes the story of infantryman Ben Kerry - a soldier who's been stationed in the Republic of Altis & Stratis as part of a NATO-peacekeeping mission
Releasing a new video, Bohemia Interactive announced that Win, the third DLC (downloadable content) for Arma 3, is now available via Steam. The episode includes three brand new vehicles: the A-164 Wipeout single-seat aircraft. the To-199 Neophron, and a 6x6 mine resistant standard transport truck, named Tempest. Its primary role is to carry troops and cargo, and its modular design allows for several transport variants of the Tempest truck: cargo, refuel, medical, repair and ammo re-supply.
This third episode also delivers a separate 'Fixed-Wing' Showcase mission, which introduces players to the new aircraft via a thrilling new scenario. And new points of interests have been added, with the highlights being an athletics stadium and ghost hotel compound.

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