Ittle Dew Wii U Screens

Action-adventure puzzler from creators of Bob Came In Pieces and Garden Gnome Carnage
Developed by Ludosity, Ittle Dew is an action-adventure game with exploration, dungeons, various items and weapons to find, puzzles, bossfights and crazy NPCs. Gameplay focuses on streamlining the classic adventure formula, by for instance, boiling down the amount of weapons to four basic ones - Bombs, Icegun, Portalwand, and the Stick (which can be set on fire).
Ittle Dew is an unapologetic girl with only one thing on her mind adventure! One day when she is out sailing the seas, she crashes onto an island, damaging her boat badly. She soon discovers Itan Carver, a trader who promises to fix her boat for a price. Ittle has no money, but she knows where to find it. There just so happens to be a rich guy living in a fancy castle nearby. Ittle resolutely breaks and enters, and begins her quest for valuable loot.
Six screenshots from the Wii U version of the game have been inserted in our gallery.