Chester United Demo, Video and Screens Released

Small slice of the cupcake grabbing adventure available now
Developed by Brilliant Blue-G for Windows, Linux and Mac, Chester United is a platformer that allows the player to not only switch between one of 15 characters on the fly but also change the Style of the world around them. These Styles change the look of the entire world and grant unique gameplay bonuses such as weaker enemies, slower platforms, more items, and other benefits. There will be around 10 Styles in the final game ranging from blueprints, sketchbooks, and pixels to storybooks and more.
A playable demo, a trailer and fourteen screenshots have been added in our download section.
Update: Chester and Chester United are to be featured in an upcoming GreenManGaming promotion currently scheduled for March 25th. The promotion is an effort to build some more excitement for Chester United and draw attention to the game's Greenlight campaign. During the promotion Chester will be on sale for 90% off and will include a free Steam key for Chester United when it launches on Steam. All Chester downloads will also be bundled with the demo.