Out of Hell 24 March 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Evolution, a science fiction action role-playing game developed and published by My.com, a subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, is coming soon to the Apple App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. In Evolution, players step into the boots of top human operatives on a mission to explore, chart and uncover the dark secrets of a mysterious paradise gone silent - the planet Utopia.

2. Square Enix has announced the March Mayhem Sale in which fans can purchase a game for 20% off, two games for 30% off and three+ games for 50% off on the Online Store. The sale will apply to select Square Enix titles and will include recently released games, including Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Thief. Until Sunday, March 30, select titles will be discounted while supplies last. This sale pertains only to qualifying game titles and excludes items such as pre-orders, new releases, merchandise, and soundtracks.

3. Namco Bandai Games Europe and Little Orbit announced that they have entered into an agreement for the distribution of Little Orbit's 2014 lineup in Europe and Australasia.

4. The mobile versions ofTerraria have surpassed the milestone of one million paid downloads on iOS devices, having now exceeded 1,300,000 combined iOS and Android full-game downloads to date. Terraria across Xbox Live, PSN and PS Vita platforms have a combined download of one million units.

5. The latest RF Online client is now locally mirrored.

6. Nexon America has released a major update for its free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Dragon Nest, raising the level cap to 70, and introducing a new area called Arendel and advanced skills for all classes. Now Warriors can become mightier Gladiators or Lunar Knights, Archers can become more precise Snipers, Kalis can be more powerful Soul Eaters, and many more. Dragon Nest also will continue to host in-game events throughout the month of March to help players achieve current max level 60.

7. Cartoon Network Games announced that Globlins!, an original IP developed by Hibernum, is now available worldwide on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. This puzzle game features 60 levels across four unique worlds, an original musical score, lots of achievements to earn and big bosses to battle.

8. Wrath of the Trojan, the latest Conquer Online expansion, is now live bringing the very first Epic Weapons to its players with certain oriental elements. Conquerors have to go through the Epic Quests which are by far the most challenging quest in Conquer history to get a hold of their Epic Weapons.

9. Frogdice has announced that ReignMaker, a city building political strategy game with match-3 tower defense combat, has been Greenlit on Steam. Frogdice will be an exhibitor at PAX East, April 11-13, 2014. Attendees will be able to play ReignMaker on PC, iPad, Android, and Windows Surface. Mac and Linux platforms will also be fully supported at launch.

10. Developed by Very Nice Studio, Slido is a minimalistic game available for free on Google Play. Click here for details.

11. Valve announced that Free to Play, a documentary film from Valve that follows the lives of three aspiring professional gamers, has been viewed by over 5.5 million viewers during its opening weekend, making it one of the largest debuts of any documentary film. Created internally at Valve, Free to Play takes an intimate look into the lives of three professional computer gamers. All three speak different languages, and live on different continents (Asia, North America, and Europe). But they all share a passion for the same online game and made major sacrifices to train and compete professionally. The film takes viewers around the globe as we get to know the players, their families, and their loved ones as they prepare to play for the first $1 million prize ever awarded in pro gaming.