Paradox Interactive Attends PAX East 2014

Meet Paradox Interactive in Boston April 11-13
Paradox Interactive announced today that their lineup for PAX East 2014 includes the following titles: War of the Vikings, Magicka: Wizard Wars, and Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations. The company also announced they will be working with AbleGamers at PAX under the banner "Everyone Can Game". The AbleGamers Charity enables gamers with disabilities to enjoy the fun and freedom that only games can provide and works with publishers and technology providers to minimize the barriers to fun for everyone.
You can visit the Pachinko for Charity station at the AbleGamers booth in the BandLands area where you can win various prizes and help AbleGamers as Paradox match the first $7,500 in donations given by PAX attendees through the program.