Krautscape Gets Steam Early Access and Screens/Trailer

Push the pedal to the medal and race through the dreams of German inventor Dr. Konrad von Krautkopf
Releasing a video and eight screenshots, Midnight City the, indie label of Majesco Entertainment Company, today announced that Krautscape is now available via Steam Early Access. Krautscape is a multiplayer focused racer that pulls players into an abstract universe that lingers like a thought just out of reach-distant yet close, clear but obscured. Through the misty distance hybrid bird-cars scream down a rainbow track, the lead car dictating the direction and pace of the race as the track builds before them - one section at a time.
The Steam Early Access version of the game supports up to four players via online, LAN or split-screen and includes three race modes: Snake, Ping Pong and Collector. Each mode takes advantage of the generative nature of the tracks. In Snake, players slither through the universe on a self-consuming track that disappears section by section after the last car. Ping Pong sends players bouncing from end of the track, reverse, and back again during increasingly difficult rounds. Lastly, racers must intentionally build their track close to cubes floating in the distance, then snatch them up by gliding through them and returning them to the checkpoint to become "the collector".