Killzone: Shadow Fall The Insurgent Pack Released in North America, Video Available

Available for free if you purchased the Season Pass for the game
The Insurgent Pack, an expansion pack for Killzone: Shadow Fall, is now available in North America for $9.99, Sony Computer Entertainment announced. It will arrive in Europe tomorrow, priced at 9.99.
Killzone: Shadow Fall includes the Insurgent, a brand new class with two unique abilities: Hack and Steal, 3 new abilities for the Scout, Support and Assault classes (E-Pulse emitter, Tactical Echo emitter, and Guard Drone) and 3 new weapons for the Scout, Assault and Support (M82, L512 SMG Pistol, and Sta14 Rifle).
Also included are 2 new game modes: the single-player Elite Mode is the nightmarish difficulty of Elite Mode (3 lives, Hard difficulty, and the Shadowfall campaign), while the online Collectibles Mode invites you to find the online collectibles crates in game for rewards. A limited set of collectible crates will spawn only for Insurgent Expansion holders, one per match for a limited time. Collect one and earn extra points in game, collect more and stand to win rewards in game.