VoidExpanse Alpha Version Released, Video/Screens Available

Spacefaring action-RPG with open exploration of procedurally generated galaxies
AtomicTorch Studio has announced the availability of the Alpha version of VoidExpanse, a spacefaring action-RPG with boundless freedom to forge your own path in a galaxy rife with conflict. Promising robust skill-trees, multiple factions with their own agendas, and extensive customization of your ships, VoidExpanse allows you to truly shape your journey to defeat the alien threat and restore the galaxy. And with moddable sandbox modes, you can create your own procedurally generated galaxy to discover, and create persistent multiplayer worlds to band with other players - or destroy them.
By purchasing the Alpha, players will receive an immediate discount and all future updates, and help to shape the future of the game - seven fresh screenshots and a new video have been inserted in our download area.