Prodigy Kickstarter Campaign Launched, Video Available

Powered by Unreal Engine 4 and set to debut on PC for a Q4 2015 release
In the works at Hanakai Studio, Prodigy is a tactical RPG experience that combines the world of figurines with video games. It uses NFC technology to create a link between the real and the virtual as players position figurines on a USB game board, which immediately warps the characters into the heat of battle in the game world. The single player campaign takes players on an epic narrative with a company from the world of Thasys, powering up each of the heroes along the way. Multiplayer gameplay focuses on squad-based combat with fast paced player-on-player combat, an intense battle of wits where the only best strategist survives.
A Kickstarter campaign page for the game can be found here - a new video is locally mirrored.