Salvaged Screens 8 April 2014

The game features unique dual-screen play, powered by Opposable's proprietary OneTouchConnect technology
In the works at Opposable Games, Salvaged is a real-time tactical action game for PC set in a deadly sci-fi universe. The game's most unique aspect is its control system - assuming the role of commander for a Remote Interstellar Salvage Crew (RISC), the player directs the action using their tablet or smartphone while experiencing it through the eyes of their squad on their main screen.
Built around a constantly changing, randomly generated, and infinite universe, the game experience will be new with every play - the player adapting to the different crew, enemies, wrecks, equipment and loot they discover along the way. The world is terrifying and deadly, death is permanent, and each and every decision the player makes is crucial.
A Kickstarter campaign for the game will kick off this Friday, April 11th - five screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.