The Mandate Battle Orchestrator Trailer and Screens

A look at the Battle Orchestrator and what it can do for you
Perihelion Interactive has unveiled a gameplay movie and two more screenshots from The Mandate, a six player cooperative space RPG set in a world torn apart by 1500 years of war. You and up to five other players will explore the dark reaches of space, which mix hand-crafted and procedurally generated content with historically relevant easter-eggs offering insight into the Mandate's rich lore.
In a unique turn for the genre, relationships between captain, crew, and officers will directly affect battle situations, and with rogue-like elements, officers trained over time can be lost literally vented out through the side of your ship - which will suffer irreparable radioactive and other atmospheric cosmetic and detrimental effects.
For the first time in the strategy RPG genre, players will orchestrate boarding operations isometrically in the vein of X-Com and Jagged Alliance, while your friends support you in real time from their ships. If more manpower is required, they can join you in boarding the enemy vessel, allowing you to switch back to your ship and offer them support - or you can fight together and double your numbers.
The Mandate will arrive in Q1 2015.