Dizzel Coming to North America, First Screens/Video Unveiled

Resembling the third-person shooter style of Gears of War
OGPlanet today announced that Dizzel, a hardcore, action shooter developed by Neowiz Games and NS Studio, will enter beta testing in North America on June 9th, 2014. One of Dizzel's biggest draws is its visceral, hardcore action, featuring 'Executions' where players have the ability to do a variety of unique fatalities on nearly dead foes depending on the character and weapon they are using.
Dizzel also features a variety of powerful weapons from assault rifles and shotguns to massive swords and axes to slay your enemies. In Predator Mode, the player becomes an unstoppable force with intense boosts in speed and attack damage, not to mention a giant ninja sword for dicing through enemies. And In Killer Sentinels mode, each team takes turns as the killer sentinel war machines whereby the opposing team just needs to try to survive by any means necessary.
Twelve screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.