Phil The Pill Kickstarter Campaign Underway, Screens Released

A puzzle game packed full of action and plenty of stinky humor
Independent games developer and publisher Curious Media has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Phil The Pill, a action-packed puzzler targeted to be available on iOS and Android. The game is also planned to be released on desktops and Wii U.
Viewed from top-down perspective, players are challenged to make their way through a series of mazes in true Pacman style, without getting killed by hazardous traps or enemies. The objective of each level is to save 3 pillbugs, while collecting as many coins as possible. Thankfully, the game has plenty of coins scattered across the environment, and they will come in handy when shopping for upgrades in the games built-in shop.
While rolling is the main mode of transportation, it sometimes becomes necessary to unroll and stand upright to navigate certain obstacles or complete certain challenges. When this happens Phil has the ability to punch or even use a weapon if he is carrying one. Various walls in the mazes have different strength properties. As the levels progress, various other wall materials such as wood and concrete will require more powerful weapons like the pea shooter, bombs and barf cannon to break through.
Five screenshots found their way in our gallery.