Sticks & Starships Revealed

The title seeks to learn from previous procedural-world voxel-games, refining a proven formula of modularity and emergent gameplay
Developed by Aloft Studio for PC, Sticks & Starships invites players to assume the role of a primitive tribal culture, on its way toward developing an industrial civilization, and eventual galactic empire. Unlike past games addressing this subject, the player experiences most of the action from ground level, as they learn to collect resources, refine products, and build many classes of structure with increasingly sophisticated automation.
Players will explore a randomly-generated, 96 square-kilometer home planet, and wander through dozens of underground strata stretching over a kilometer deep. They will learn crafts such as masonry, mill-work, metallurgy, and alchemy. They will be encouraged to use scientific reasoning to solve problems, such as the breeding of genetic hybrids. They will also be challenged to construct complex systems such as nuclear reactors, materials refinement plants, and even aerospace systems such as interplanetary rockets.