CABAL Online Episode X: Gladiator Launched, Video Available

New MOBA-style battleground added
ESTsoft Inc. sent over a press release announcing the release of CABAL Online's largest content update yet: Episode X: Gladiator. The update includes the fearsome Gladiator, a brand-new class with new armor, weapons, class-specific abilities, transformations, and more. It also offer a MOBA-styled (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) PVP battleground in which you will rush towers, defend your lane, lay waste to wandering creeps, try your luck in the depths of the jungle, and ultimately destroy the enemy team's Ancient Relic to win the day.
Episode X: Gladiator also introduces an all-new dungeon - the deadly Infinity Arena where you will battle to survive against wave after wave of brutally relentless foes.