Out of Hell 11 April 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. ACE Team has unveiled a video that shows the backstage production of Abyss Odyssey's main theme and also shows more insight of their music development process. This theme was supported by live instrumentation and performed by people from Chile.

2. Scheduled for April 15th, the first major update for World Tour Fishing will a new region - South East Asia - which covers several zones including Angkor Wat, the famous temple in Cambodia. Players can explore the protected landmark, fish for endangered species and experience amazing new adventures without the burden of disrupting the delicate environment. The level cap will be increased to 30, and new rods, reels, boats and more have been added. More than 150 new quests, 40 new fish and countless achievements have also been included for players to tackle. Last but not least, South East Asia unlocks the new Gem Upgrade system, allowing users to encrust their equipment with rare gems granting them special bonuses.

3. Crysis 3 has won the European Game Award for Best Game Design, Crytek announced. The European Games Award is Europe’s largest independent audience award for videogames. It honors the thriving European game developer scene by letting the players choose their favorite games, publishers, and developers in a public online voting. The winners were announced on April 9, 2014 at 12AM CET.

4. A Behind the Scenes technology video (in mini-lecture style) related Save the World or Not is available here, covering some video integration technology that the developers from Kingdom Crafting use for the game.

5. The Daedalic Weekend Deal on Steam will end on Monday, April 14th - visit this page for details.

6. RareMeatGames announced that Lab Panic, a retro classic arcade game developed for Android devices, is available via Google Play here.

7. This Friday, April 11, 2014, marks the 3-year Anniversary for World of Tanks release in North America, Wargaming announced. To celebrate this anniversary, Wargaming America is offering players an assortment of in-game specials and discounts, community events, and hosting an anniversary livestream with a variety of prize giveaways. Click here for details.

8. Goodgame Studios has announced that its most successful browser game Goodgame Empire has been expanded with a new region, The Storm Islands, which can be conquered from level 35 and above.

9. Wargaming also revealed its plans to join with its long-term partner, the Russian Kubinka Tank Museum, to reconstruct and put back in running condition the only remaining Panzer VIII Maus tank. Regarded as the epitome of excellent tank design, the colossal Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus is the heaviest, fully enclosed armored fighting vehicle to see completion during World War II. Weighing 188 tonnes, only two prototypes were ever completed. The sole surviving tank is housed at the Kubinka Museum with an empty hull.