Contested Space Unveiled, Video Available

Build an interstellar culture in an online sandbox
Created by Matthew Z Haralovich for PC, Mac, and Linux, Contested Space mixes action-oriented space combat with creativity and community. Players design their own ships and stations, while defending and expanding territory for their alliance. All of this happens online in one persistent universe where every action has a lasting consequence.
The game is inspired by Planetside and building with Legos. Alliances will always be battling over territory somewhere and the map will change rapidly. Each alliance will have its own identity defined by the ships and stations designed by its community. Players will be able to easily join a fleet and capture territory even in a short 30 minute play session.
Contested Space will be a subscription based game. The subscription will be $5 a month when the game first launches. This fee will increase over time as the game gets major expansions. All updates to the game will be free to subscribers. There won't be any micro transactions or pay to win. Every subscriber will be treated equally.