SingOn Released, Screens/Video Available

The third generation of Karaoke has arrived
Developed for PS3, SingOn's streaming service offers thousands of songs from six decades of rock, pop, indie, dance and hip-hop classics and is updated weekly to include all the hits from the UK Top 20 Chart. The game SingOn has an easy to use Time Pass system that allows you to sing for as long as you like, with no on-going commitment. And you can plug in a mic to start singing then use the Queue feature to host a non-stop karaoke party, adding tracks while you sing using the PS3 controller or the SingOn app on your phone or tablet.
As you sing, you'll see your vocal performance sparkle on screen, showing where you've sung high, low and on-pitch. The game also features a sleek, user-friendly design, themed-playlists, real-time scoring and star ratings.
Created by Wish Studios, SingOn is now available on PlayStation Store - six more screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.