0rbitalis Available via Steam Early Access, Video Released

Created at the Ludum Dare 28 gamejam, where participants had 48 hours to develop a game based on a theme suggested by the community
0rbitalis is a simulation game in which your mission is to control the trajectory of a satellite in different celestial situations to have it successfully orbit the various objects in the given time limit. However you only get one chance to launch the satellite before you are left to the mercy of the gravitational pulls from other planets. Your objective is to figure out which direction to push the satellite so that it won't collide into any other objects while staying on screen for seconds.
You can test your staying power with probing missions, whilst you scan a celestial body for a limited time frame. However success is not just determined by how long you last in orbit as points are awarded by more complex orbits.
0rbitalis can now be purchased via Steam Early Access - a video and six fresh screenshots have been added in our download section.