Out of Hell 17 April 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Dream Builder Studios for iOS and published by Crescent Moon Games, Strike Wing is a combat space simulator focused on fast-paced action and precise controls. A new update (v1.3) will be available soon and will include improved graphics, improved menus and interface, additional challenges and achievements, and more. Click here for more info.

2. MonkeyPaw Games has announced that BurgerTime World Tour will now sell for $4.99 until April 30, 2014 when it will be removed from digital store fronts due to expiring licensing agreements. After April 30, 2014, players who have purchased the game should still be able to access their download.

3. The latest Tales Runner client is now locally mirrored.

4. The second edition of the Indie Game Development festival of the North of the Netherlands, will be held Thursday, May 1st, through Sunday, May 4th, in Groningen (the Netherlands). Indie Gameleon 2014 is includes, but is not limited to lectures, workshops, Indie Game Showcase, Game Jam and 8-bit dance party.