ArchLord 2 Closed Beta Signups, Screens Released

Webzen invites players to pre-register for early access and a chance to play the game before everyone else
Revealing these screenshots, Webzen announced players can now sign up for the upcoming Closed Beta test of ArchLord 2 by using their existing, or accounts. Additionally, they can register an account using their Facebook profile. By pre-registering, users will automatically be entered into the Closed Beta lottery and will get a chance to win one of the keys for the CBT phase that is currently scheduled to begin in June.
Archlord 1 players are encouraged to pre-register with their existing accounts, as Webzen will guarantee all Archlord 1 players that logged into the game at least once in the last 3 months of its existence access to the CBT of Archlord 2 to honour the committed Archlord community.