Epigenesis Update Launched, Screens Available

Epigenesis won Make Something Unreal Live in 2013 hosted by Epic Games and won 2013 Game of the Year from the Swedish Game Awards
Along with these screenshots, independent studio Dead Shark Triplepunch announced that the latest Epigenesis update adds a single-player mode, in which players can create a match with up to nine different AI opponents and practice their cybernetic ball game skills. The update also offers a new Legacy Arena level that introduces a mineshaft, giving players a height advantage but also exposing them to opponents' projectiles.
Jump pads are hugely important in the Legacy Arena; players can jump higher and use vertical space to their advantage to move faster around the map. However, the newly implemented light bridges provide a way to move around the arena without jumping. Players who still prefer to leap across the level can use smaller platforms that lead to pickups to help dominate their opponents. The arena also brings cover into play, enabling more tactical movement for ball and seed carriers.