Children of Liberty Early Access Version Released, Screens/Video Available

Children of Liberty has been built from the ground up to take full advantage of classic 2D gameplay in a next-gen 3D world
Taking place on the eve of the American Revolution, Children of Liberty invites gamers to play as four kids, selected at the start of the game, on a mission to break their parents out of jail and warn the countryside of the pending Redcoat attack. Gamers play as either Joseph, the classic platformer; Ally, the nimble freerunner; Doug, the burly tank; or Sarah, the bratty eight-year old ninja, and live out the events of the hours leading up to the American Revolution.
Players have various tools at their disposal depending on the character they play, including toy swords, grappling yo-yos, and smoke bombs. Children of Liberty places a heavy emphasis on stealth-based gameplay, allowing the player to hide in shadows and pop out at strategic moments while remaining true to the core of classic 2D platformers but in a fully realized 3D world.
In the works at Lantana Games for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Children of Liberty is scheduled for a late 2014/early 2015 release - the Early Access version is now available via Steam, The Humble Store, Desura, and IndieGameStand for $9.99 ($8.99 for the first week). Fourteen pics and a video have been added in our download section.