Hazard Ops Closed Beta Signups, Screens Revealed

Hazard Ops to enter Closed Beta this May
Unveiling these screenshots Infernum announced they are accepting applications for the upcoming Closed Beta test of Hazard Ops, a third-person action shooter developed by Yingpei Games (previously Epic Games China).
In early 21st century the world is gripped in fear under constant terrorist attacks, the rising threat of WMDs, and merciless nefarious entities. Due to the chaotic political landscape, the security of all nations has been entrusted to two private military agencies carrying out dangerous missions. The IMSA (Independent Military Security Alliance) strives for unlimited money and power, conducting risky experiments in order to create an army of super-mercenaries. Meanwhile, the mercenaries of the ICF (International Coalition Forces) must struggle to keep these nefarious plans in check. On their missions, players will face the most insane opponents imaginable: zombies, monsters, robots, mutants, and mummies, as well as even crazier enemies like dinosaurs with rocket launchers.
Hazard Ops will be operated in North America by En Masse Entertainment under the name Zombies Monsters Robots.