Outcast Reboot HD First Gameplay Video Released

This is a WIP video of Outcast Reboot HD showing actual gameplay from the original game running in our current technology
Fresh3D Inc. has launched a gameplay movie from the High-Definition reboot of Outcast, an action-adventure game developed in 1999 for the PC. It was one of the first 3d game to offer more than 20 hours of non-linear gameplay, free-roaming environments, combats against clever reactive AI, excellent voice acting and symphonic music.
In Outcast Reboot HD, all objects, textures, environments and characters are entirely remade from scratch in hi-definition. The game features improved HUD, inventory, notepad and dialog interface, plus new camera control and Xbox and PS4 controller (and other compatible) support on Windows.
A Kickstarter page dedicated to the game is located here.