Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes Leader Pack DLC Released, Screens Available

Fifth DLC adds monarchs, tyrants, new abilities and powerful heirlooms to Stardock’s fantasy strategy game
Leader Pack, a new DLC for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, is now available from Stardock or through Steam for $4.99. The Leader Pack adds an all-new sovereign to each of the game's 10 factions. These leaders provide fresh gameplay experiences with new abilities and items. Prove might makes right with the hardy but magically impaired General Tarth, bring death magic to the kingdoms of men with Sanjo of Gilden, or absolve Lord Relias' mistakes by leading Altar to glory as Shirayn.
Players can also customize their own sovereigns with additional traits and equipment. Treasure Hunters have supernaturally good luck at finding loot, leaders with Lifeblood heal their own wounds with every spell cast, and anyone wielding powerful Ruvennan Bracers is destined for glory on the battlefield with their dramatically boosted combat capabilities.
Five screenshots found their way in our gallery.