Chronology Coming to Steam

Miyazaki inspired mind-bending indie platformer debuts on Steam this May
osao games today announced that Chronology, its puzzle, adventure and platform game developed for Windows PC, will arrive on May 12th through digital distribution service Steam. Set in an universe that mixes classical fantasy with mechanical retro-futuristic elements, players defy time by manipulating the past and the future, to fix the present as they uncover a story that shapes the future of the world.
The story begins as an inventor wakes to discover the world has ended, and has no memory of his past. After finding a time travel device that can take him back in time, his memory slowly returns. With the help of a snail, who can stop time, the inventor sets out to fix the future by changing the past. Players run and jump through puzzles, using the time travel device, that moves the player from a beautiful idyllic past to a dark dystopian future.