Pandora: First Contact Steam Pre-Order Offer

The spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri available to pre-order
Pandora: First Contact, a science fiction 4X turn-based strategy game developed by Proxy Studios, takes place in the future, when mankind has discovered a new, earth-like planet, capable of supporting life, it has been dubbed Pandora. Various factions have risen up in a battle to gain supremacy over this new world. As they strive to take control, each faction will research and develop numerous new technologies, discovering new weapons and industry, whilst opening trade agreements and forging alliances with other factions to gain a foothold. As they spread they will discover ancient ruins and artifacts from alien civilizations that will grant advantages over their rivals.
Those who pre-order Pandora: First Contact via Steam will receive a 10% discount until May 30th, when the game will be available via Valve's digital distribution service. Anyone who has a copy of the game, wherever they bought it from, will receive a Steam key once the game will arrive on this digital platform.