Tamagotchi Angel Released

The popular Tamagotchi Angel series was introduced in the 1990's is part of Bandai's worldwide smash hit Tamagotchi digital handheld game franchise
Bandai Namco Games has announced that Tamagotchi Angel, the second Tamagotchi app following the successful Tamagotchi Classic released in October 2013, is available now iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Tamagotchi Angel offers significant updates and features two play modes to choose from: TOY mode, in which users can enjoy raising a Tamagotchi Angel in a virtual classic toy shell, and APP mode, where the Tamagotchi Angel appears in an updated, colorful, full-screen environment.
Users can choose to raise the original Angel characters or newly added, app-exclusive Color Tamagotchi Angels. Life, Happiness, Hunger and Effort parameters determine the Tamagotchi Angel’s well-being. Various new functions take advantage of device capabilities and increase the fun, such as the ability to shoo away bats by tapping the screen before they steal the Tamagotchi Angel's candy. Other features include new Wallpapers, an Image Gallery and fun Mini-Games.