Pixel Press Floors Released

Game designers from all over the world can download now Floors for free from the App Store
Available via the App Store, Pixel Press Floors allows users to create side-scrolling platformers complete with coins, fire pits, spikes and platforms. The Pixel Press sketch guide, a pencil, and the Floors app are all that is needed to unlock the creative potential of game enthusiasts of all ages. Unique games are created and played through a simple four-step process: draw, capture & test, design, play & share. Not only can the app turn the drawings from paper into playable, shareable video games - but creators can also start building games right away using the Draw-In-App feature.
This app was created by Pixel Press, a startup based in St. Louis, Missouri that was successfully funded thanks to more than 2,250 Kickstarter backers - raising $109,000 last June in order to build the Pixel Press ecosystem.