Riddle of the Sphinx 3D Kickstarter Campaign Underway

The curse is real
LifeTree Games, creators of the best-selling epic Egyptian adventure Riddle of the Sphinx, announced a 15th anniversary edition of their best-selling classic - this time in real-time 3D. Husband and wife team, Jeff and Karen Tobler, have turned to Kickstarter to fund this real-time 3d special edition rather than pursuing the traditional publisher model.
Riddle of the Sphinx is a mystery-adventure game set within and around the ancient Egyptian monument. Backed by extensive detailed research and painstaking recreation of the existing Giza Plateau, Great Sphinx, and Great Pyramid - one of the existing Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - major levels of the game involve exploring real-life archaeological finds, then taking those discoveries to the next level.
Players assume their role as close friend and confidant of famous archaeologist Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys as he excavates the site of the Sphinx. The tale begins as Sir Geoffreys realizes he has unwittingly unleashed an ancient curse while translating a key scroll. Sir Geoffreys dies, and the scroll mysteriously disappears. The player's task is to locate the missing scroll, finish Sir Geoffrey's translation, and solve the time-worn puzzle.