Phase Wars Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Real-time multiplayer PVP action with many features including mass customization, social aspects and competitive multiplayer
Developed by NetherWind Games for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android, Phase Wars is a multiplayer online arena game that allows players to fight competitively in realtime skill based combat. Much like an RPG, you will level your character and unlock skill trees, weapons, and armor.
There will be many different abilities, perks, and power-ups to upgrade your character for different play styles within multiple load outs. A player will be able to have three abilities at any time in their load out. They will be able to be used on the run during game. The player will have the capability of setting the abilities however they want to adjust to the game mode chosen before each game.
At launch the game will feature three different skill trees with over 10 abilities in each. The three different trees will be Offensive, Defensive, and Utility. Every level a player attains will grant skill points, as well as, gear or other items. All abilities on the skill tree will be available right at the beginning of the game, only the skill points to unlock them will be necessary. This means a player can save points and unlock the most devastating abilities soon as they please. This is good if you want power, but as is assumed the most devastating also comes with the longest cool down and the chance that you will be countered.
A Kickstarter campaign for the game is now live - Phase Wars will be available as a free-to-play title, but without pay-to-win aspects.