Mr. Fiskers Kickstarter Campaign Underway and Screens/Video

An action-oriented strategy game that mixes the meticulous planning of a lane defense game with the fast-paced action of a real-time strategy game
Independent developers Justin "Fex" Smith and JP "Changko" Tiangco have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Mr. Fiskers, a real-time strategy / tower defense hybrid developed for Windows and Mac. The player must use gadgets and tools to manage their army, interact with the level, and deal with enemies. Gadgets allow the player to do things like: repair golems, interrupt enemy spellcasters, teleport golems and enemies around the map, activate special items on each level, assign control groups, mark high-priority targets, and hurt/debilitate enemies.
Frequent boss encounters will challenge the player's multitasking and focus. These bosses use tactics similar to raid bosses in online RPGs, like summoning adds that need to be focused down, casting spells that need to be interrupted, or using tactics that require strategic positioning and quick reaction times.
Four screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.