Warside Classes Video and Screens

Gameplay video and pics demonstrating the class system and abilities in Warside
In the works at Kraken Games for PC, Warside is a visceral multiplayer sci-fi shooter featuring classic 2D gameplay combined with RPG elements. In the future universe of Warside, players create their own elite soldier using a flexible character development system and take him in to online battle as part of a small tactical combat unit taking on other player led squads. Set across a variety of battle arenas including giant tree canopies, space stations, ancient ruins and secret labs, Warside actively encourages players to utilize the landscape around them and employ a variety of movement styles to gain a tactical advantage over enemy combatants. Combining different character classes and a wide variety of equipment on offer within your team will garner the best results.
A Steam Greenlight page dedicated to the game is located here - nine fresh screenshots and a gameplay movie have been inserted in our download area.