Mother of Myth Available in the App Store

After years of development, Mother of Myth is finally released to the global marketing in English, German, French, and Italian
Inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, in Mother of Myth players are thrown into the war between the Gods and Titans. A chosen hero is destined to exact revenge and save Elysium, the utopian afterlife reserved for mortals and heroes chosen by the gods, from the Titans.
Players can summon the power of ancient gods, such as Zeus or Athena, by collecting deity cards and equipping them into the designated swipe card slots. The game's distinctive feature lies within the swipe skill system, where drawing a certain swipe gesture across the screen will unleash a powerful onslaught on enemies. Players can also craft their own equipment with special materials, customize their character stat skills for personalized gameplay, and participate in the exciting PvP arena to face up against the world’s top players.