World Football 2014 and Going for Goal Announced

New mobile gaming company Team Football aims to create fun, free and easy to play games for like-minded football fanatics
Scheduled to be available this June across all platforms for tablets and smartphones, World Football 2014 will offers various game modes such as World League, World Tournament, Friendly mode and Scenario mode. Friendlies will allow you to practice and play as your favourite teams before taking on the League or Tournament mode. Scenario mode will put players in the shoes of real life events and additional scenarios will be made available for download during the course of the summer.
World Tournament mode offers a traditional international tournament format while in the World League mode users can upgrade player stats, overcome injuries faster and much more with ease.
Due to arrive this summer on smartphone and tablet platforms, Going for Goal will offer competitive head-to-head quizzes against your friends or random people to see who has the biggest football brain. The football addict will be able to choose question packs from a range of licensed content, which will include picture rounds or questions about their given subject with points being chalked up on numerous different leader boards such as; global, international, club and friend tables.