Skyhill Revealed, Video/Screens Released

Skyhill is a roguelike story about staying alive when there is no reason to
In the game you are a resident of Skyhill hotel who survived biological catastrophe. The goal is to get out of your penthouse in search of other people and salvation. But all elevators in the building are off and floors are flooded with hazards. You are not sure is there any other survivors, as far as you know everyone in the building died, or changed beyond recognition.
You face the dilemma: on the one hand you have to get out from the damn building, on the other hand your hotel suite is your only "Fort" that protects from the horrors of post-apocalyptic reality.
Skyhill is now live on IndieGoGo and Steam Greenlight, and a playable demo can be found here. Five pics and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.