Rising Generals Announced, Screens Released

The PvP-heavy online game is modern warfare centric, giving players access to numerous tanks, armored vehicles and dozens of deadly planes and other aircraft
InnoGames has announced Rising Generals, a cross-platform strategy-MMO scheduled to be available later this year on iOS and Android phones and tablets as well as on browsers. In Rising Generals, players become commander of a military base, which needs to be quickly upgraded and staffed with troops in order to defend against and attack hostile neighbors. Unlockable technologies as well as officers and generals provide helpful bonuses and perks. The game focuses on PvP-action across game worlds that house up to 40,000 players each.
To create Rising Generals, InnoGames was supported by game design legend Bruce Shelley, known for his work on Civilization and the Age of Empires series. Shelley worked several months with the team during development and spent time in InnoGames' Hamburg offices.
Rising Generals will enter beta testing this summer - nine screenshots found their way in our gallery.