Out of Hell 14 May 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Curve Digital has announced it will be publishing Peter Moorhead's Stranded and Holden Boyles' Spirit on PC this year.

2. Game industry veteran, Alex Mayberry, who most recently was lead game producer at Blizzard Entertainment, is leaving that position to take on an executive producer role at Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), the makers of the crowd funded space sim, Star Citizen. Mayberry will be overseeing all product development for Star Citizen and managing CIG's distributed development process across all production studios (both owned and contracted) including Santa Monica, Austin, Manchester and Montreal. Mayberry will be reporting directly to CIG co-founder and CEO, Chris Roberts and begins his duties immediately.

3. The level cap in Continent of the Ninth Seal has been increased to 67 with the latest update launched for this dungeon-based action MMORPG, Webzen announced. In addition, C9 players are able to jump into five new dungeons; Hidden Valley of Wind, Fragment of Kodes, Dying Forest of Eternity, Syutereunen Logging Camp, and Abyssal Underways. Along with this content, the update comes the newly revamped skill book system and new unique/normal items for each class of Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, Witchblade, and Mystic.

4. Fruitbat Factory announced that five new games will be released for English-speaking audiences worldwide on PC (Windows): Human Tanks: ALTeR, Human Tanks: Limited Operations, QP Shooting - Dangerous!!, 99 Spirits - Cage of Night, and 99 Spirits - Weeping Demonís Bell.